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  1. What about ball games and practices, where will my child keep his/her laptop?
The coaches will work with the players to find the best location, but for most away games, they will be kept either in the locked locker room or with the team behind the bench. Practices-the laptops can be kept with the team in a secure location, or in the locked locker room.
2. Why can't I log in when I get home?
We did have a glitch in some sessions last night. Students should have created accounts when they logged on here at school and some were told not to create the account. This means that the machine has not synced properly, which means, no access at home. If you need help with this, find Mr. Linde. He will be located in the H.S. Office in the mornings to help get it fixed.
3. Do I need internet at home?
No. You do not need internet at home to use the machines successfully for school. However, it would be beneficial if you are able to get wireless access at home for some projects. You will need to contact your internet provider with questions about home access.